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The objects of Winning Ticket are made by the absolute best local craft and tradespeople whenever possible. Lighting and bowls are made by Suzanne Bradley herself, and materials are considered for their sustainability, transportation impact, and quality.

Martin Construction would like to proudly introduce our designer, Suzanne Bradley. She began working with Martin Construction late 2014. Suzanne received her MFA in 3D Design from the University of Iowa in 2012. Since then, she has participated in multiple industry shows for furniture design. Most notably, she was selected by Interior Design Magazine as one of the Top 50 Picks from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) held in New York City, the leading design show in North America. The furniture she designed was also chosen to be used for the NBC show, American Dream Builders, with Nate Berkus. Her tables were used in the two finale home renovations. Currently she teaches 3D Design at the University of Iowa and designs for Martin Construction.



The name Winning Ticket comes from years ago when one of her daughters, Violet, came home from school ecstatic from receiving a 'ticket' for a job well done. She smiled widely and said “Mama, you can have my winning ticket!” A gesture so generous and full of pride should be remembered, so it became the founding ideal of the design studio: Joy, Pride, and a Job Well Done.

Suzanne founded her Iowa-based contemporary design studio, Winning Ticket, in 2013. The company goal is to create objects that add to the beauty and comfort of the space they occupy. Much of the work centers around natural traditional materials but she has recently become very interested in mixing in modern materials and methods. Her focus on beauty as well as fun is blended with simple modern form using materials with integrity.

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